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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Hi everyone it is me again.  I have had an intresting life since i last got on.  My mom has started a law suit agints Piper.  Her and my mom were like best friends but now my mom is suing her.Frown  My mom said she  is doing it so i can have a better life.  She says has to lie to make win the law suit.  She said no matter what i may here her say she stills loves me.  She says she has to say she wishes i wasen't here so my mommy can win.  My daddy is not happy about the law suit.  She says it is wrong and he will not go through with it.  My mom doesn't hang out with piper any more and my sister does not hang out with emma any more.  My daddy is even sleeping on the couch.  I hope every thing gets better soon.  I will talk to every one latter. Bye

Posted by willowspage456 at 5:25 PM EDT
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Friday, 1 May 2009
A crazy vacation
Mood:  surprised
SmileThis week i went on my first vacation. We were going to dinsey world.  It was going to be the best weekend ever. We were going on the tea cups and outher rides.  Before we left my mom was going crazy making shure we have all our stuff.  That includes the Doctors note explaning how i have O.I a.k.a brittle bone syndrome.  When we got to dinsey world the first thing we did was go get some thing to eat.  As and daddy were in line my sister was looking out the window.  She saw something and yelled come see.  At the same time my mom was at the tabble.  As is started running mommy droped a napkin.  I sliped on it and broke my feamers. When the ambulance got there they whold not let my parents ride. At the hospital was when it got bad.  First the doctore did not know about my condtion and my parents did not have the doctors note. so when he saw the x rays he called D.H.S. They had suspected i had been aboud because you could see where i had broken my bones.   They talked to my parents.  Then to my sister but my sister said she got scared and the lady mis-understood her so they took my sister to a foster home and my mommy and daddy to jail.  My dad and mom were so angry.  Every thing eventuly got stratined up ,but they were still mad.  They were happy to have us back though.  I will tell more stories later. ByeSmile

Posted by willowspage456 at 1:02 PM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 2 May 2009 10:56 AM EDT
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