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A cool saying from willow:
"I have broken 52 bones, and did you know that the only bone that hasn't broken by a person is in a skiing accident yet is one in the inner ear"

I have O.I. It is a disease that causes my bones to break very easy. It is very painful some times. I am about the size of a three year old. Some times when people see me they think I am a little girl. When I talk to them they are very surprised. It can get very annoying.

I enjoy learning different facts. Especially since a lot of the time i am not allowed to play out side because of my broken bones.

I enjoy meeting people like me because when I am around normal people you can tell they feel sorry for me, but when I am around other people like me I do not feel like an outsider.

From Amelia: I like your web page.
From Charlot: I love you sweetie.
From Sean: You are a good little girl willow and smart too.
From Pipper: I am sorry you have to hear about the lawsuit.

The Prayer - Charlotte Church;Josh Groban